The Abandoned Ruins of a Century – Moore Hall, County Mayo, The Republic of Ireland

Moore Hall or Moorehall was the grand stately home belonging to George Henry Moore. It is located in County Mayo, The Republic of Ireland.

The Architect was John Roberts and it was built in 1792 and finished in 1795. The House was lit afire in 1923 during the Irish Civil War. It has been left un-furnished and un-lived in since. The Estate is in poor condition and is not opened to the public and is slowly becoming overgrown by the forest and nature around it.

"Kiltoom - Burial Place of the Moores of Moore Hall - This Catholic Patriot Family is Honored For Their Famine Relief and Their Refusal to Barter Principles for English Gold - Erected by Bally Glass Cox Old I. R. A. 1964"

Where is Moore Hall located? You can find it with these coordinates. 53°42′48.34″N 9°13′34.12″W

All images from Wikimedia Commons.


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