The many abandoned buildings of the almost Ghost Town of Argus

In the Mojave Desert there is a small unincorporated community of Argus next to Trona that sets the scene for the little abandoned areas of the North American West.

Making up part of the Searles Valley, these homes are long boarded up, forgotten, set ablaze, ransacked and used as art canvases. One building even as a Spongebob Mural so keep your eyes peeled for the sponge and sea star arm in arm on a forgotten white door.

Mojave, Mo Problems anyone?

Trona and the surrounding area has been used in several movies including Just Add Water, Lost in Space, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier and Planet of the Apes.

Where are all these abandoned buildings of the American West located? You can find them with these coordinates. 35.744819, -117.396509.


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