The Abandoned Creeper Church of Forest, Virginia

The Creeper Church is at 2604 US Route 221 in the town of Forest, the county of Bedford, Virginia.

This white church was abandoned sometime after the turn of the century. Every former window around the front and sides of this church were removed where stained glass windows may have adorned the outer facade. Formerly having a basement, service floor, upstairs balcony and attic, little remains of the interior. The windows are designed in a Gothic-like arch styled fashion.

The nickname “Creeper Church” comes from the interestingly similar atmosphere and design of the church used as the housing grounds for the Creeper in Jeepers Creepers, one major difference though, is that the windows to this church are pointed and the church windows in Jeepers Creepers are square. The creeping vines on the side of the church also help this name.

The place of worship was styled in a wooded Presbyterian manner and it is possibly the former gathering place for the Forest Presbyterian Church, who relocated to a new church in 2002.

No cemetery or burial site to accompany this church.

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Where is the abandoned Creeper Church of 221 located? You can find it with these coordinates. 37.396567,-79.225477.


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