Mancos Sinclair Gas Station Oil Spill Abandoned Building and Polluted Land

This abandoned building with an underground petrol leak lies along route 160 in Mancos, Colorado.

Here, business owner Ray McCarty decided shut down his store Wild Wild Rest and partnered Sinclair gas station. When the company came to remove their gas machines they did just that, removed the machines but not the oil left underneath the ground. This caused the pipes that were formerly connected to the pumps to leak and cause runoff polluting the land. Later, a clean up company came to drill test holes to see where clean up would best occur and they drilled in the lands water aquifers now polluting the residences water at the property.

All of this occurred in 2006 and 10 years later still nothing has been done by the company to remove their mess. The site now harbours bad chemicals including Benzene, a cancer causing agent. (Did you know all fuel and its fumes are carcinogenic?)

As of 2016, no clean up has occurred and the area remains toxic.

Located right up the road from this now polluted site is Mesa Verde, the ancestral Puebloan site.

Where is the abandoned Sinclair Gas Station and Wild Wild Rest located? You can find it with these coordinates. 37.326985, -108.370542.

Search affiliate for the cancer causing agent Benzene, which you can buy and that makes no sense.

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