Finavarra – The Stone Martello Tower of County Clare, Ireland

The Finavarra Martello Tower located in Finavarra, County Clare, Ireland.

The small defensive fort dates back to before 1816 and was built during the Napoleanic Wars. The Tower was situated on Finavarra Point to protect the south-western entrance of New Quay harbour and the north-eastern side of Ballyvaughan Bay from possible attacks from France. The barracks lie to the north-east of the tower and are slowly deteriorating. The barracks would normally house around 10 men.

The round structure and stone walls made the tower ideal against cannon fire. It was about 40 to 60 feet tall, which made it an ideal platform for a single heavy artillery piece, (like a cannon) mounted on the flat roof and able to move 360°.

Where is the Finavarra Tower located? Find the Finavarra Tower with these coordinates. 53°8′58.8″N 9°8′7.76″W.


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