Crocodile God Temple Ancient Ruins of Town in Egypt

The long ago town of Dimeh Al-Siba (also known as Dimai) is believed to be from the Ptolemy II era. The Temple of Soknopaios lays here with other former houses, a market area and more. Located 11 Kilometers north of Quran Lake in Faiyum, Egypt.

The old city is thought to be of the Neolithic period formerly residing on the shore of a much larger lake. It is said that Ptolemy set the area to be settled by Macedonian soldiers and their families and that it was a port and island. Soknopaiou Nesos translates into Island of Soknopaios; which is why many believe it to have been surrounded by water.

The town became more desolate and on the fringe of society that by the 3rd Century it was fully abandoned. Some walls are in tact that surrounded the 2 temples in the town, they measured 10 meters tall.

Desolate then and still desolate now; one can even find broken potteries, useless coins and old fish hooks in the strewn debris. As of today, it has been picked by pillagers, wanderers, farmers, explorers and archaeological teams since and before the 1930s. Mud bricks still remains.

A pair of large lion statues were unearthed in the remains towards the Soknopaios Temple. The statues are being housed for restoration. They are thought to be from the Greco-Roman frame.

Images by Vagabondblogger under CC by SA 2.0.

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Where is this abandoned Egyptian Temple located? You can find it with these coordinates 29.534545, 30.669159.


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