Cook County Hospital Abandoned in Chicago

There have been a few hospitals in early Cook County History. It began with the 1834 ‘poor house’ at the Board of Commissioners building. This Cook County Hospital was built in the early 1900’s on 1835 W. Harrison Street, at the rising demands of urbanization.

In 2002, Stroger Hospital was completed and Cook County Hospital was abandoned for a larger more accommodating facility. The new hospital is located directly behind the old one.

Though redevelopment uses have been proposed and thought of since 2003, none have come to fruition. Use of this building is thought to be limited because even though it is large it only spans a depth of 60 feet, as the back parts of the building were demolished. The demolished areas include the old children’s hospital, teaching pavilions and the powerhouse.

This hospital was featured in The Fugitive, a 1993 Harrison Ford movie. The idea of the hospital from the television series ER is said to be based off the Cook County Hospital as well.

The price to restore and re use the building is going to be very high but the property has a lot of appeal and history to the surrounding area. Demolition does not seem to be in this abandoned hospital’s future.

Where is the abandoned hospital located? You can find it with these coordinates. 41.873863, -87.672989.

Image 1 by Josh Koonce and under CC.
Images 2, 3, 4 and 5 by JBushnell and under CC.


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