An Abandoned Car Wash

This abandoned Car Wash is at 8209 Wards Road, in the area of Rustburg, Campbell County, Virginia.

An abandoned car wash along route 29 in Virginia is not really much to see except for the fact that this car wash has not been used for over 8 years. Still full of cleaning chemicals, its recording system and for a long time a lot of quarters that were never gathered up from its last use. From the pictures and Video Tour it is evident that the place was ransacked for all the quarters save for one lone steadfast machine that would not break open to whomever was prying. They had the key and broke it off into the lock and proceed to try and break the concrete from inside the building to bust it out of the wall. That coin wash machine remained holding on even unto the prying marks of unwanted tools in its slots.

The closure of this car wash seems evident to its pretty remote location.

All images by with use and licensing under CC By NC SA 4.0.

Where is the abandoned Car Wash of Wards Road located? You can find it with these coordinates. 37.243208,-79.186903

Don’t forget to watch the Video Tour.


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