Abandoned Garden of Life Hotel Unfinished in Jerusalem

The Seven Year Castle Hotel (מלון טירת בת שבע) is just past the kibbutz of Zuba (Tzova or Tsuba) on road 395, at the outskirts of Jerusalem, Israel.

This hotel is designed in an ‘S’ shape with public rooms on the bottom floor and guest rooms on the upper floors. A grand spiral staricase is in the center of this large building. The idea for this hotel began in 1985 by Mordechai Ben-Haim. The building was concieved after a personal night for Mordechai Ben-Haim which occurred not far from the construction spot for this hotel. It was to be made in honor of freedom fighters.

Unfortunately, after financial difficulties the hotel was left unfinished. The Yehuda Regional Council has jurisdiction over the site and has stated that new plans for the compound came about several years ago but nothing has yet to come to frutition.

Where is the abandoned seven Castle Hotel located? You can find it with these coordinates. 31.781941,35.108528

All images used with permission and by Ofer Keidar.


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